Renfrew Fire Department

The Renfrew Fire Department has 11 full-time firefighters including the Chief, and 16 volunteers who respond to an average 225 calls a year. The Department has two pumpers, including a combination pumper rescue truck. The department also has a 104 foot platform truck, a service vehicle and an antique 1951 pumper for parades and display. The Department runs fire prevention programs, conduct safety inspections based on request and complaint, aid in missing people searches, assist fellow neighboring fire departments through Mutual Aid and are always there to use their heavy rescue extrication equipment when needed.


Ready to respond 24-hours a day, Renfrew firefighters dedicate their lives to saving others.

The Fire Department is also the Town lead on emergency management, a risk management activity to create a safe, secure and disaster-resilient community through the implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive risk-based emergency management program and plan.

General Inquiries

Telephone: 613-432-4962

Fax: 613-432-0703


Chief Kevin Welsh

Fire Chiefs's Office: 613-432-2811

Cell: 613-312-2408

Fax: 613-432-0703




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Emergency Plan

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Fire Department


General By-Laws

83-2018 Appoint Fire Chief/CEMC

to appoint a Fire Chief/Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC) for the Corporation of the Town of Renfrew

22-2019 Emergency Management Program Committee

to assign the responsibilities of an Emergency Management Program Committee to the Town’s existing Fire and Emergency Management Committee

63-2019 Emergency Plan

to establish an Emergency Plan for the Town of Renfrew and to repeal By-Law No. 46-2015.

30-2017 Fees and Charges By-Law

to amend By-Law No. 29-2016, to establish Fees and Charges for services, activities, and the use of property provided by the Town of Renfrew

72-2018 Heavy Rescue (Extrication) Services

to authorize the Mayor and Clerk to execute Agreements with the Township of Admaston/Bromley and the Township of Horton for the provision of Heavy Rescue (Extrication) Services

71-2018 Ice and Water Rescue Services

to authorize the Mayor and Clerk to execute an Agreement with the Town of Arnprior for the provision of Ice and Water Rescue Services

29-2017 Recreational Open Air Burning

Being a By-Law to regulate “Recreational Open Air Burning” and Precautions to be taken by the Property Owner in the Town of Renfrew


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