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Watershed Conditions Statement - Flood Watch Pembroke District

Posted On: Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) – Pembroke District is advising area residents that a Flood Warning for the Ottawa River and Golden Lake on the Bonnechere System and a Watershed Conditions Statement – Water Safety for the remainder of Renfrew County is in effect until Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

The County of Renfrew, City of Pembroke and several municipalities have declared states of emergency due to flooding and water levels and flows in large lakes and rivers remains high.

All residents and visitors should be aware that there is an increased risk to public safety because of high water. After weeks of flooding there is a lot of debris remaining which could be dangerous. High water is causing strong currents and there are hidden dangers under the water especially for people not familiar with the area. In many locations hazard markers cannot be replaced into lakes until the water levels decline causing an increased risk to boaters. Additionally, bacteria and contamination in the water in flooded areas could cause an increased health risk to swimmers. Residents and visitors are being asked to avoid recreational boating on flooded lakes as the increased wave action could affect sandbag walls and contribute to shoreline erosion.

Any residents with flooded property should take appropriate action as flood waters start to subside. Sandbags need to be disposed of properly as they could be contaminated. Anyone requiring information about the disposal of sandbags, recovery and clean-up or requiring assistance should contact their local municipality.

MNRF advises extreme caution when using forest access roads for outdoor activities. Many are seasonally inundated with water, prone to washouts, and may be impassable due to current water levels. The public should avoid crossing any submerged roads as there may be a risk to traveler safety.

MNRF is closely monitoring the weather and developing watershed conditions. Further updates will be issued as appropriate.

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